Who Should Attend NAPB?

People from all areas of service parts organizations attend the NAPB conference for many different reasons. As companies identify those within the organization who should attend the conference, they should consider how their people may benefit from the information and experience gained at NAPB. 

Warehousing, supply chain, and logistics professionals attend so that they can assess their performance and learn about processes used to achieve best-in-class results.

Sales and marketing personnel often participate so they can attend the Crystal Ball presentation and be part of the interactive customer- and strategy-focused sessions. 

Employees who are new to the industry, or to the  aftersales side of the business, use the conference as a training venue to receive a crash course in key challenges and best practices.

Senior executives use insights from the conference as a springboard for business planning and strategy development, as well as a venue to network with industry colleagues. 

 What to Expect at NAPB 2022

 Why Attend the NAPB Conference?

With three days of sessions, networking opportunities, and access to industry experts, you cannot miss the NAPB 2022 Conference! Where else will you have the opportunity to deep dive into topics that are specific to your field with guidance from Carlisle & Co Experts?  

The NAPB Conference is unparalleled benchmarking of supply chain operations, covering all aspects from transportation and logistics to sales and marketing. There is no better way to connect with industry peers and find actionable take-aways in just a few days.