Attendee Opportunities

For 2022 we will be offering both in-person and remote attendee options.   

NAPB has been an in-person conference for over 25 years. Onsite attendees will not only have access to all general presentations and breakout sessions, but the added benefit of networking during breaks, meals and receptions.  

With the success of the remote conferences over the last two years there is also the opportunity to attend digitally. There are several different digital types to allow participants to attend all general presentations and breakouts or just one or two sessions.  

Conference Participants are a very important part of the conference! 

The conference is all about the open conversation among peers, whether it is a general attendee in the audience who ask questions to the OEM Rep who complete pre-work in advance and speak on behalf of their company during the session. 

General Attendees 

As a general attendee at the conference, you will be able to listen as OEM Representatives from member organizations discuss and share best practices on each of the breakout session topics. You should come prepared with your key questions and ready to take notes! 

OEM Representatives 

You may have been asked by your Steering Committee Member to be an OEM Representative for one or more sessions at the conference. This means you will be representing your organization during a breakout session discussion. You should feel comfortable speaking to that topic, and come prepared to share and learn from others. 


During the conference only those attending in-person will be able to act as OEM Reps.  We have learned that the discussion is more robust and easier to follow if only the attendees onsite participate.