What is NAPB?

Carlisle & Co’s North American Parts Benchmark (NAPB) brings together the world’s leading motor vehicle manufacturers for supply chain operations benchmarking, covering all aspects from transportation and logistics to sales and marketing. 

The NAPB Conference is a three-day event with major motor vehicle OEMs. The event is packed with new research on emerging issues and robust discussions on the aftersales parts business. 

Over the course of the conference, participants share ideas, successes, and challenges across organizations in order to help strengthen the motor vehicle aftersales industry as a whole. 

NAPB 2022 Conference

This year, the North American Parts Benchmark Conference is planned for April 25-27, 2022 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We are excited to be celebrating our 30th consecutive year of this annual conference! 

For the first time ever, the conference will be hybrid! This will allow anyone who is unable to travel to the conference to attend digitally through Zoom Webinars. 

What's New for 2022?

Additional Attendance Opportunities – After two years of being remote, NAPB 2022 will merge the best of the in-person and digital events and become a Hybrid Conference. Incorporating both types of attendees enables more voices and more ideas to be shared! 

Sponsors – For the first time in NAPB history, sponsors will be exhibiting during the conference. We will allow a limited number of vendors to install trade show displays for participants to visit. Sponsors will be allowed at all daytime meals and networking events to interact with participants and answer questions.  

Carlisle’s Women in Aftersales (CWA) – We’ve expanded the group! After starting as the Women of NAPB in 2019, we are excited to now include others in the industry beyond our parts participants. In addition to the panel at the conference we will still offer other digital events throughout the year as well as engage them through our LinkedIn group.