Ducker Carlisle 2024 Sustainability Initiatives

Conference Initiatives

Over the past few years, our conference initiatives have evolved to support sustainability and reduce waste. We've implemented impactful measures such as paperless practices, eco-friendly packaging and shipping, and general conference practices, including the Sustainability Award. Discover the detailed list of sustainable practices adopted by Ducker Carlisle for the 2024 conferences below:

Paperless Practices

  • Eliminate paper and pens; encourage digital alternatives for note-taking
  • Minimize the use of printed data books to decrease environmental impact
  • Digital Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signing
  • All conference presentation will be uploaded to EventHub in advance of the conference and we will not be providing attendees with printed copies

Eco Friendly Packaging & Shipping

  • Directly ship data books to clients, bypassing unnecessary routing through our office
  • Utilize sustainable packing materials for an environmentally responsible approach


  • Conference Sustainability Award
  • We will not provide plastic water bottles; water stations will be available and we encourage attendees to bring reusable water bottles
  • Source local food, beverage options, and vendors
  • Provide vegetarian and plant-based meal options to accommodate diverse dietary preferences and reduce the carbon footprint
  • Allow attendees to choose their awards dinner meals to prevent unnecessary waste

2024 Keynote Presentation

  • Highlights Ducker Carlisle's efforts to identify and quantify the principal sources of carbon emissions within a typical OEMs Aftermarket distribution network.
  • Identifies the challenges associated with reducing emissions within the aftermarket distribution network, and the resulting implications for mitigation efforts.
  • Explores forward thinking strategies and innovative solutions aimed at reducing emissions within the OEM Aftermarket distribution network.

Hotel Initiatives


TripAdvisor GreenLeaders Certified


Carbon Footprint: 24.43 kg per room night

Water Footprint: 514.16 liters per room night

Environmental Practices

Guest Room Recycling

NAPB Sustainability Award

Last year, we introduced a new sustainability award to underscore our commitment to prioritizing sustainability. In lieu of a physical award (which requires manufacturing and shipping), Ducker Carlisle will make a donation to the sustainability organization of the winner’s choosing.

Our goal is to encourage OEMs to actively focus on creating a more sustainable supply chain. 

Ducker Carlisle Future Internal Initiatives

In an effort to expand our company's sustainability efforts, the Ducker Carlisle business unit is exploring how to reduce the carbon footprint of our business operations through the purchase of carbon offsets. Carbon offset programs can help neutralize our carbon emissions by investing in renewable energy, conservation, or carbon sequestration projects. We are exploring the many carbon offset programs available to find projects that we trust and want to support. In the fall of 2023, we began an initiative to track employee airfare mileage. Traveling by plane is our firm's largest contributor to carbon emissions, so we must first estimate our annual air travel before we can determine the required volume of carbon offsets. As sustainability becomes a higher priority for our clients, we want to do our part to support these values comprehensively in our business.