Same Day & Dealer-to-Dealer
Date & Time
Wednesday, April 26, 2023, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Session Type
Breakout Session
Operations Strategy

Spurred on partially by Covid, consumers are getting used to an increasingly higher-level of customer service.  Doordash will delivery almost any meal in an hour, Amazon will deliver everything from electronics to beauty items same-day to your home, and Advanced Auto Parts will deliver auto parts same-day to your dealers.  Yet in covering this topic at recent NAPB sessions, we see little movement in this area in our industry.  For this session, we will review and discuss what OEMs are doing to address this need at their dealerships.  Specifically, we will cover such issues as:
•    What is new in the area of ‘same-day delivery’?  Have any OEMs moved into this space since we last discussed?
•    How are OEMs leveraging D2D to support faster delivery of parts?
•    Will-call has been around forever – is there anything new with this offering?
•    Are there any other initiatives OEMs are undertaking to support their dealers in finding parts when the standard overnight VOR shipment is not fast enough

Dan Friedman Harry Hollenberg
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