Parts & Service Collaboration
Date & Time
Wednesday, April 26, 2023, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Session Type
Breakout Session
Customer Response

For at least ten years, we’ve talked about “silos” within OEM organizations, where groups work independently without sharing or collaborating. Some of our discussion in the past has been around aftersales versus manufacturing. However, even within aftersales, collaboration can be a challenge. At NAPB we typically discuss parts-only topics without involvement of the service perspective. This session will touch on some of those topics that straddle parts and service and will focus on how organizations are set up to improve collaboration between the parts and service sides of the business. We will cover areas such as:

  • How is your organization designed, and does it facilitate or discourage collaboration?
  • How do OEMs collaborate on recalls?
  • How is service marketing developed with a joint focus on parts and service?
  • How are OEMs collaboratively using telematics data to improve customer outcomes?
Eliza Johnson
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Available In-Person, Available Digitally