Crystal Ball Presentation
Date & Time
Tuesday, April 26, 2022, 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Session Type
General Session
General Session

The world is changing more rapidly than ever. COVID-19 threw the world into disarray, and it hasn’t stopped since. Each day brings new challenges and questions we have to answer. How will you answer those questions?

This year’s Crystal Ball will answer four key questions for you:

  1. What should we do about Right to Repair?
    1. The lobbyists think you can win; we don’t. But does it matter? Find out how much it matters and what we’d do if we were in your shoes.
  2. Should we just outsource our supply chain to Amazon?
    1. Amazon runs one of the fastest-growing supply chains in the world. They’re also extraordinarily fast and successful. Can OEMs throw their product into the Amazon supply chain and delight their customers…without hurting their business?
  3. Just-in-time logistics is dead, right?
    1. When store shelves are empty and auto sales are millions lower than they should have been, maybe there is something to this. Perhaps the just-in-time supply chain our industry is built on is dead. What went wrong, who succeeded, and how can you prevent JIT from hurting you in the future?
  4. Startups are crushing us…should we be more like a startup?
    1. They aren’t profitable, they can’t get product, and they are tiny. But…you can’t ignore the startups. They’ve got ideas that excite their customers, and they can implement in ways you’ll struggle to match. How can a greater awareness of the startup threat help keep your business healthy?
Nate Chenenko Meredith Collins Harry Hollenberg Eliza Johnson
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